About BUD/S Training

Do you all go to the gym? Few of us go with personal interest while few others go upon external force. Though each of us knows that exercises are an integral part of our living, we become lazy or ignorant to do it, for the sake of our health. There are also few people, who never give up at any cost since they have a mission on the mind. A mission to become better than what they were, a mission to emerge stronger to be fitting into responsible roles, that gives them an identity and to save lives of people and to contribute to the society.

Such people can be found In the army, navy, land forces and war forces. They are trained under high pressurised circumstances, where they learn to emerge strong both physically and mentally, as a resourceful person. One such training is the SEALFIT training given to naval officers, who are then chosen for the special warfare operations squad. We often salute and respect these people, because of their bravery and valour expressed at every situation is it in saving the nation from terrors of saving from natural calamities. They are trained to serve people and grow stronger to be a better human.

SEAL training, what does it mean?

It’s a training created and crafted especially for the naval officers to grow strong mentally and physically. This was formed by a group of retired naval officers, to train the upcoming officers strong. This is open for all, eligibility for application is the age criteria 18-29 Yrs. Once this is cleared you are required for the personal screening test (physical), if you seem okay here, then your actual training starts here. In case you aren’t fit but are very fascinated about the role, you will be trained for a pre-seal training, which tries to bring in the strength required to go ahead for the actual training. Once you are selected from the seal, then you can finish the training and go ahead for the next level, BUD/S training after which you will be into the special warfare.


What is BUD/S training?

BUD/s refers to Basic Underwater Demolition training/SEAL. It’s a 6-month program that is held at the Naval Special Warfare centre. As a beginner, you shall start with a 5 weeks Indoctrination program, as part of SEAL training, then go through the 3 phases of this BUD training. There are 3 phases in the BUDs training, and below they are:

Phase 1: Physical Conditioning-8 Weeks

It involves all of the below activities

Running in the sand

Swimming up to 2 miles, without fins in the ocean


Timed Obstacle course

Small boat seamanship

4 mile timed run in boots

Hydrographic surveys and chart creating

HELL WEEK- 4 weeks of phase 1

5 and half days (24*5+12 hours) of continuous training

Four hours of sleep in total

Swimming and Running

Enduring cold and wet

Repeating a possible stuff for 10 times

Lots of team work.

Many people fail in this hell week, they quit owing to the discomfort of the bodily pains. But there are few who struggle through it, throwing away the body pains and discomfort aside and struggle to better themselves.

Phase 2 – Diving (8 weeks)

Many people, who come to this phase, often finish the target.

Steps up the intensity of the physical training

Focus on combat Diving

Open circuit (using compressed air) SCUBA Dive

Closed circuit (using 100% oxygen) SCUBA Dive

Long distance underwater dives

Mission focused diving techniques

Phase 3-Land Warfare – 9 weeks

Increased strenuous physical training

Weapons training

Small unit tactics

Demolitions (using military explosives)

Patrolling techniques

Rappelling and fast rope operations

Many persevered minds perform well and come out with flying colours in this training. Those who quit half the way, around the phase 2, are given other less strenuous jobs in the navy, and those who win, extremely outperformed are chosen for the special warfare operations.

The intention of the 1st phase is to strengthening not just core, but values and their goals that are built up. Those who see their goals above all will withstand and outperform well. Once they sustain the hell week, the sheer figure who sustained through all, though his mind wanted to quit is awarded the ‘Honour man’ of the class. Then those who continue have in them the pride of achievement.